I’m a painter and a Japanese painting conservator. I studied classical and modern Japanese painting and its history at university in Kyoto. I worked at a conservation studio in Shiga.

I’m interested in uncertain objects or things hard to capture. I try to paint these abstract ideas in my art works.
My artworks has been influenced by 20th century art: abstract art, minimal art, conceptual art, and more… and East Asian art. In addition, I try to explore the possibilities of combining traditional and contemporary Japanese beauty of art. When I was searching for my identity, Japanese painting always helped to remind me of my upbringing and nationality.


Asia has a history of ink art, among other things in the world . The origin of ink art is in China. And they influenced various countries in East Asia .Now, I try to explore the possibilities of Japanese original ink art.


One of my artworks are “ghost style painting” series. There are like a ghost of landscape. I painted in thin ink with limited brush stokes. I intentionally painted uncertain viewing. I intentionally left a lot of space in this painting. This is a common Japanese classical painting technique. It is called “yohaku” in Japan. The idea of not putting too much information in one place can be seen not only in Japanese paintings but also in other Japanese art works such as hiku and Noh theater.
I think that the space evokes a lot of images. It makes you wonder about what is behind the painting. You may associate it with your memories about sceneries you have seen before. It may make you think about the history related to its painting. As they say “less is more”.